About Grusholm

In 1995 I took over Kennel Grusholm from my mother, Bodil Jensby. In her time the kennel was breeding many different races. When I took over the main focus became the Doberman which I have been breeding under the name Grusholm.

The values of our kennel are to ensure that the dogs are physically and mentally stimulated and have a good every day. The Doberman is a working dog but also a great family dog, if stimulated correctly.

It’s very important to us that our dogs have a gentle nature while being a good working dog and at the same time is beautiful to look at.

All the dog’s health conditions are continuously checked when entering our breeding program. Since 2013, we have partnered up with Kennel Dobergaarden Forever by Hanne Lundahl, meaning that the future litter kennel name is “Dobergaarden Forever”.

My husband, Hans Jørn and I spend a lot of our spare time traveling around Europe in order to enter competitions and exhibitions with our dogs. We have also participated in international championship in Indonesia with our Lucky Di Altobello in IPO3 where we got a very fine 2nd place.

In recent years we have begun to find suitable families, so-called “feed host families” who get the opportunity to have a great family dog “as their own”, however, I still have full ownership and breeding legislation of these dogs.

The dogs are typical around 3 to 4 years of age when they are transferred to a host family. We have opted for this solution because we think living in a “breeding box” the entire life is not a good life for the dogs.

Our dogs are pedigreed in the Danish Kennel Club. We are a member of the Danish Dobermann Club and thus subject to their breeding requirements.

Partnering up with Dobergaarden Forever

From the year of 2013 kennel Dobergaarden Forever v/Hanne Lundahl and I started a partnership. The reason for this were that my work situation didn’t allow me to take on the responsibility it is to raise a litter.

The dogs from Grusholm and Dobergaarden Forever are of the same bloodlines, and date back to Wild Cherry di Altobello. For this reason it also makes good sense for us to work together regarding breeding, show and work. Basically this means that my bitch stays with Hanne in kennel Dobergaarden Forever when they are to have puppies. The puppies get the kennel name “Dobergaarden Forever”. This is no issue for my bitches to get their puppies with Hanne, since they know her and her family very well. The kennel Dobergaarden is like a second home to them.

Hanne handles all the care taking and socializing of the puppies from birth, till adoption. She also takes care of all contact with puppy buyers.

When the puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to leave the kennel, they have gone through: 2 deworming treatments, all necessary vaccinations, valid EU passport, chip, registered in the Danish dog register. The dam and sire are insured in Agria, which means the pups are insured in two years against Inherited disease (this does however require an autopsy report). There’s also a full warranty due to the Danish kennel clubs buyer agreement.

The puppies will not be cropped or docked, since according to Danish law it is not legal to do either. Cropped dogs are NOT able to participate in shows, or in any other way participate in any kind of dog sport competitions.

Our puppy buyers are always welcome to get help in relation to show and work, or just general questions. It’s better to call one time too much than one time too little, since we strive to give you and your puppy the best possible relationship.