I will be proud of my Quiche, a fantastic dog❤️💪
After 4 evening and night shifts as a dog handler at Hjallerup Marked with approx. 25,000 visitors a day to stalls, concerts, Tivoli amusements, drinking, fights, drugs, vomiting, thefts, loose horses, vandalism and whatever else belongs to a market, as a trained security guard I have had the great pleasure of having a Doberman ‘a Quicha with.
She is kindly loaned by Kennel Grusholm and I have only had this fantastic dog in my care for approx. 3 months. The dog has never been trained in service tasks or exposed to an extreme environment with fights, drugs, fairgrounds, loose animals, detentions and loud music, yet this dog has managed all tasks and responsibilities for UG.
Quicha has been shamed by the Police, Falck, Samaritans, participants, employees, management and volunteers at this market. Several have refused to believe that I have not had an intense collaboration with this dog over several years.
In addition to Quicha being a preventative measure in several fights, she has provided psychological first aid to outgoing guests who are either under the influence of drugs or during anxiety attacks. Furthermore, she has been threatening if I, as a guard, have been pushed or pressured.
I am very proud of this dog’s efforts for so many demanding tasks that she has not been trained in. Proud on behalf of owner and trainer Diana Bentsen for being able to send a “retired” competition dog into such a demanding new environment and at the same time honored over being given the entrusted task of being able to give the dog new tasks in his senior life.
In general, I am super happy for all the thousands of people we have met here in Pentecost, who have opened their eyes to how friendly, controlled and delicious a Dobermann is as a dog breed if it is stimulated correctly.
Quicha, lent by Diana from Grusholm, is nothing less than a magnificent specimen of the breed’s versatility and a true example that the right training and socialization results in a well-balanced and unique dog ❤
Written by: Mette Vejen
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