What a great day at the IDC showground in Slovakia.
Grusholm Palma Power  Was selected for the final out of 9 dogs. Judged by:
Rudi Killmaier 🇩🇪
Babara Zanieri 🇮🇹
Gabriela Ridarchikova 🇸🇰
Thomas Becht 🇩🇪
In the final, Palma was selected as the second best female. It is absolutely fantastic.
We are proud to be able to show that Kennel Grusholm 🇩🇰 manages to produce breeding material that is of such high quality that we can hold competitions against the absolute best in the world.
Congratulations to co-owner Mette Vejen, who takes care of Palma on a daily basis.
A special thank you to Team Finland🇫🇮, who again today were ready with helpers and support